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Buying a kids guitar in a kit with all of the accessories is a good choice to get your beginning guitar player off to a good start.

Choosing the right kids guitar can be hard because the vast majority of people cannot tell the difference between a kid’s guitar and a toy guitar.

Toy manufacturers purposely cause this confusion in order to sell more products; in fact, it can be hard to distinguish a toy instrument from the real thing unless you actually take it out of its package.

If you’re looking for the right guitar for your child then you are in luck, the following paragraphs are going to talk about one particular model that is really worth the money.

Despite the fact that many musicians disregard kid’s instruments as nothing more than children’s toys with no more musical merit than a chair, there are some guitars for kids on the market which really are top performers and get the job done. 

One of these is the Taylor Baby acoustic.

The Taylor baby is a ¾ size dreadnought acoustic. This kid’s guitar features a Sitka spruce top which really serves to give the instrument very dark and complexion and boosts its mid-range tones.

taylor baby acoustic guitar

While quite a bit more expensive than a lot of other kid's guitars, the Taylor Baby Acoustic is made to last, and the sound quality is much better.

Like all Taylor instruments this guitar just exudes quality and great craftsmanship.

Despite the fact that the manufacturer has had to make inevitable cut backs to make this acoustic a viable kid’s guitar its finish feels smooth, looks great and feels very durable.

The problem with most of the kids guitar on the market today is that they aren’t good enough to be sold as actual guitars. Thus the term ‘kids guitar’.

Fortunately the Baby Taylor feels and sounds like a proper guitar which has been scaled down.

Let’s not forget that the main priority of a kid’s guitar is to sound exactly like a proper acoustic but be small enough to facilitate their small limbs.

For this reason I believe the Taylor Baby dreadnought acoustic is the best children’s 6-string available.

In conclusion, I believe that the Taylor Baby dreadnought acoustic is the best children’s guitar on the market today because it is just as high quality as the manufacturer’s standard sized instruments.

For just a couple of hundred dollars or so you really cannot fault this instrument and I defy anyone who believes they can find a better beginners guitar model for the price.

If you’re really serious about getting your child to play the guitar then this acoustic is for you. Once your child gets a bit older you might want to consider buying a Yamaha F310 guitar, this is one of the best selling acoustics in the world and it sounds fantastic.

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