Why Pet Fountains Are So Popular

In the last couple of years, pet fountains have gotten more accepted than ever. The reason for this is undoubtedly because it seems to have been proven that our pets, for the most part cats and dogs, are known to have a very elevated rate when it comes to dehydration.

That might sound unusual initially, due to the fact that when we think of the average cat or dog owner we visualize someone who loves their pet and will do everything they should so he will be content, happy, and healthy, including being sure the water source is sufficient. The dilemma can be found in the type of water source we are giving those dogs and cats. When you are providing your animal a bowl of water that you set out for him that you replenish on a daily basis, you might be surprised to be told that this is simply not adequate.

Consider animals in their natural environment. But when the lone area to drink was from a stationary source, these animals will probably drink, although almost certainly barely just enough to keep them going until they find a better source of water. It is not a huge stretch to say that the standard dog or cat’s bowl of water just isn’t that different when you compare it to motionless water. Clearly what we have manufactured is a situation that even as our dogs and cats do have some source of water, they will frequently not drink more than the bare minimum.

Alright, exactly what is the right answer?  A pet fountain can be the perfect answer. Precisely which fountain you choose does not matter. What definitely is important is that you simply accomplish the objective of giving your dog or cat with a water source which he should find exciting, as well as thrilling. The animal will have no problems drinking enough when you supply him this type of water source. The reactions to those two diverse types of water source are at opposite sides of the spectrum as well as being truly really amazing. Dogs and cats are both entertained and hydrated both at once. But if you have ever observed cats play with a ceramic pet fountain, you realize that they love to interact or stare every bit  as much as hydrate with it.

Consider that the addition of a pet water fountain will also make your daily routine as a dog or cat owner less demanding. Life gets easier as a result of not having to wash and refill a dish of water nearly as often, while simultaneously the pet is staying engaged by his new water source, which means you enjoy even more time to do with any way you choose!

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