Modern Window Treatments vs. Traditional Drapes

modern window treatments

What is "modern" today in window treatments most likely will not be considered modern in 10 years or so.

Over several generations of interior design, modern window treatments have come to mean a variety of different things and traditional style drapes are no longer as popular as they once were.

Just a few years ago, modern design emphasized neutral colors such as browns and tans that would be pleasing to all personality types. “Safe” colors were preferred over character for both resale value and aesthetic appeal.

Just a few years before that modern window treatments included elaborate and layered fabrics with rich and sophisticated colors like deep reds made of velvet materials with large swirling patterns.

However, modern curtains and drapes today have taken yet another turn, however, this time there is less emphasis on particular styles and more importance placed on functional use.

One of the ways modern window treatments today are much more simple in nature is the way they are made.

In the past, modern window treatment ideas included as many layers as possible since complexity was a symbol of elegance and class. However, homeowners should be thrilled to know that modern window treatments use a more simple, single layer of fabric approach using vibrant solid colors, rather than complex neutral patterns.

This emphasis on simplicity allows homeowners to truly enjoy the search for pleasing window treatments that function they way they believe they should, rather than chasing the latest trends and fashions.

Another way modern window treatments are different than their traditional counterparts are the way they are hung.

In the past, curtains were hung with cheap curtain rods, but covered with large looming valances. These valances were difficult and expensive to create, not to mention they were extremely obtrusive in the room.

Today’s window treatments use decorative curtain rods that are made of high quality materials like carved wood or milled metals. Then, the curtain exposes these curtain rods with simple hanging designs like a tab top or eyelet mounting system. Overall, modern curtains and drapes are much more affordable, and more functional for the end user.

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