Burn More Calories With A Weight Lifting Routine

weight training workout routines

Weight Training Workouts That Work.

Recent studies show that people who want to shed extra pounds, stay fit, and maintain a healthy metabolism must put some weight lifting and resistance training into their exercise routines.

Some fitness professionals have advocated the need for more aerobic activity as the best weight loss method, and although the role of aerobic exercises cannot be disregarded in a fitness regimen, there is research showing that its effects are secondary to resistance weight training in the process of weight loss.

Why Resistance Training Burns More Calories Than Aerobics Alone

First, cardiovascular exercises are not very efficient in burning calories. For example, the average individual can only burn up to 300 calories by exercising on a stationary bike for one hour. If you want to lose plenty of weight, you must ride the bike for a long time. Take note that 1 pound of fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories.

Secondly, aerobic exercises are not very effective in enhancing the body’s metabolism beyond the point that the workout is over.  Weight and resistance training on the other hand can keep the metabolic rate at an increased level for up to 48 hours after your weight lifting workout routineThis means that when you lift weights, you burn calories during the exercise and you continue to do so long after you have completed your workout.

In summary, there are many advantages to incorporating weight and resistance training to an exercise regimen.

For women, it is helpful in preventing osteoporosis. For both men and women, it raises the level of the body’s flexibility and energy. It also lowers levels of blood pressure and blood glucose.

Moreover, it greatly enhances one’s confidence. Seniors can even benefit from weight lifting and strength training as it helps slow down the muscle damage caused by aging.  Teen girls can lose leg fat quickly with a weight training regimen too. Furthermore, studies show that strength training improves vitality, focus, and strength among all who practice it regularly.

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