Most Costly Education Programs

You can’t help but love what you love, but sometimes that program that you want to pursue might wind up costing you more than the average tuition.

The list below highlights some of the most costly education programs around. Some of them might cost more simply because there will be extra years of study involved.

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If you plan to pursue a program because you love it you shouldn’t let the price tag hold you back because life is always better when you’re doing what you love.


The cost of materials for art and art related programs is the main reason that the art is on this list. The specific requirements and extra credit hours all add to the final costly price tag of art programs.


The purchase and maintenance of some musical instruments is an all-important cost associated with music programs.

When the costs of sheet music, private lessons and the extra time invested in learning is added to the costs it’s easy to see why degrees in music are so costly. Finally once complete the job market is not always receptive to these graduates so paying off loans can be an uphill battle.

Photography/Film Studies

The high cost of photography and video equipment will escalate the costs of these studies. The equipment used is usually so fragile that care must be taken when using them because they are costly to replace.

The rate at which new photography gadgets become obsolete will add to the cost if the student needs to purchase more modern gadgets. Finally software for editing photography and film can cost hundreds of dollars.


The extra years of study can make earning a degree in law one of the most expensive educational pursuits.

In addition the test prep materials for the LSAT and bar exams, application fees for law school and books all add to the costs. The results are usually worth it as a law degree will pay off in the long run.

There are many different kinds of law specialties and if you are going to start your own firm there are many different programs and processes you can implement into your business.


The eight years of school and residencies that medical students have to pay for means that becoming a doctor is not only demanding on the schedule but on the finances as well. Books, equipment and extra credit hours all add further to the cost of this program of study.

There are of course nursing programs that don’t take as long or cost nearly as much and different areas of sports medicine that you can specialize in.


Studying to become a dentist goes well beyond the four years it takes to earn a bachelor’s degree. The student must take certain programs that are very costly if only for the type of equipment that will need to be purchased to master the skills of dentistry.

Interior Design

Students of interior design are often required to purchase supplies for projects in their final years of schooling. The expensive software needed and the cost of tuition and books all add up to place a hefty price tag on a program in interior design.


The cost of purchasing special licenses to obtain official certification can significantly hike up the cost of a program in architecture. Software costs and the costs for extra credit hours mean that an architecture degree doesn’t come cheap.


Engineering degrees usually span more than the average four years so the extra years of study will cost more. There will also be added costs for technology and other costs depending on the field. A lower cost alternative would be to do specialized distance education, plc training is a great example of this.


The course load for studying aviation is much higher than other programs. Apart from that students will have to pay fees for using transportation, simulations, licensing and facilities for practice.

Would the cost of an education program deter you from pursuing it?

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