A Look At 5 Common Uses of Crowd Control Barriers

During the summer months (and the winter ones too sometimes), there will often be outdoor events that are attended by large crowds of people. These vary enormously and can take place in parks, stadiums, town halls, etc.

crowd control barriers

Crowd control barriers come in many different forms, shapes, and sizes – depending on what they are going to be used for.

It is essential, therefore, to have a range of equipment to protect the public.

Crowd control barriers are a great way to do this for many reasons.

Let’s examine just five of them here:

Designated Areas

Having barriers gives people an indication of where they should and should not go. There will always be places that are off limits to the general public and by segregating this area with barriers everyone is well aware of that.

Usually maintenance or working staff will have access to areas that the public don’t have, and barriers give a clear message that only designated staff are accepted beyond the barrier.

Separating Girls And Boys

There may also be a need to separate groups of people for some reason, for example if you have an event that accepts girls on one side and boys on another, and this can be achieved very easily with the use of barriers.

Psychological Input

People like to feel safe and when there are large events this can be a little intimidating for some people. When people are queuing to get into an area there can surges in the queue or if there is no clear queuing system, then large crowds can bunch together.

Having barriers to form the area where the queue should be makes life easier for the officials as well as the public waiting to access the area. It is very clear where to queue and the barriers also help to keep the queue orderly giving less room for maneuver and surging. A much safer option all round.

Car Parking Areas

Barriers can also be used to separate an area for the use of cars. This may be important where space is a premium. Without good barriers cars may park in areas that make it unsafe for the general public.

On The Streets

There are many races that take place on the public roads, for example, marathons and bicycle races.

Barriers placed between the pavement and the road ensures that people can safely watch the spectacle without risk of falling or moving into the path of the event. This means that more people can attend the event in safety and support their favorite runner or cyclist.

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