Movies on Demand and the Internet – a Perfect Marriage

Movies on demand is a fairly recent addition to our entertainment options, but it is one that is growing at phenomenal speed, and one that is predicted to dominate the movie watching industry in the next couple of years or so. It came about because the Internet has finally caught up with the kind of download speeds that are necessary to download a movie for free in this way. Initially movies on demand were far too slow to make them enjoyable, and the downloads themselves could take days if not weeks to complete.

movies on demand

Internet Movies On Demand

Watching movies this way is perfect for a generation that is not prepared to wait for anything anymore, and it offers benefits that we could never have imagined…

The first of those is choice. I can remember when which movie we watched caused endless debate and arguments in our home, but not anymore. Because we can get any movie we want now, it doesn’t seem so important if you don’t get to see the movie that is top of your ‘to see’ list. If you don’t get to see it today, there’s always tomorrow, or what about straight after the one you’ve just watched?

Whatever way you look at it, having the ability to download Never Let Me Go or indeed any other movie, means that you are not restricted by either time or lack of funds. I estimated we watch three times as many movies now as we did when we either went to a movie theater or the video rental store.

The second big advantage with movies on demand is the money you will save. How much do you spend now on a trip to the movies, or your Netflix subscription, or on satellite TV?

If you spend money on all three, my guess is that it’s somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000 a year if not more – for a one-time fee of less than $100, you will never have to spend another cent on any of these things. Even if you don’t have Netflix or satellite TV (the two largest expenses), you will still be in profit after just 2 or 3 trips to the movie theater.

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