Let’s Talk About Nanny Jobs

Taking care or watching over children as they go about with their different activities during the day such as play, school work, and extracurricular activities can be very tiring at times, so many people turn to hiring a nanny.

Moreover, doing so may also cover up a huge part of one’s time. This is particularly true for parents who are faced with the challenge of balancing their time for work and the time that they have to spend with their kids. Because of this particular dilemma, a nanny has become a lifesaver for most parents nowadays.  Nanny jobs are now highly rampant in different countries because of the current settings that families are engaged in.

Before we try defining what a nanny is and what are her different assignments and tasks, let us first enumerate some of the things that she’s not. I would like to do so as to the reason that the term “nanny” is one of the most abused words in the English dictionary.

First of all, a nanny is not a maid or a housekeeper; a cook; or even a laundress. This means that she is not hired to take care of different things inside the house such as these but rather, she is basically employed to take care or to watch over children and to ensure their safety, growth, and development especially at times when parents are not around to these things themselves.

One can say that nannies can act as a substitute for parents or as an extra set of hands. A nanny is called forth to provide care for children. The contents of the list of tasks given to nanny mainly depends or varies on the different age groups of the children that she will be taking care of during her work.  Moreover, these will also depend on the job description that the parents of the kids will be providing her.

The different things that nannies must attend to at work may include infant and toddler care; setting schedules or dates for different play activities; taking the kids to and from the school; assisting school aged children with homework and other take home tasks from school; and acting as a support person who will motivate children to do their best.

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