No Physical And Joint Term Life Insurance

no physical life insurance

Is a "No Physical" Life Insurance policy in your best interest?

No physical life insurance is gaining popularity nowadays when it comes to getting a life insurance policy. It is the best life insurance plan for people with disabilities and ailments, seniors or old people, those with high job risks and even for children. When it comes to people with disabilities and ailments, most insurance companies do not give out insurance to this people because they have high chances of not surviving and that when companies give out physical exams, they will never pass such exam which is one of the requirements for getting a life insurance policy.

Insurance for seniors do not also require physical exams since the life insurance policies is only designed for a short period of time which could only last for five years available to people over seventy five years old. We all know that for regular life insurance, people of this age can no longer get an insurance policy. As for infants and children, there are insurance which do not require physical exams as well even if the baby is less than fourteen days old. Same goes for people with high job risks; they can now get life insurance without having to go through physical exams. This insurance is far different from joint life insurance which would ideally work for couples and at the same time business partners.

Joint life insurance is the perfect insurance for two or more people where in the death benefits are then payable when one of the partners or parties dies. This particular life insurance really works best for spouses and in the event that one spouse dies, the surviving spouse becomes the beneficiary and there is no need for estate proceedings to settle the estate of the deceased since it will directly be transferred to the surviving spouse. The no physical life insurance and joint life insurance are greatly intended for people with special needs.

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