Outdoor Dog Kennels and Cages

outdoor dog kennel

Outdoor dog kennel

If you are a dog lover and have your own outdoor dog kennel, cage, or pen, you know the convenience of it.

For those who are struggling with energetic dogs inside their home and very little time to take them outside for a walk to get some exercise there are many benefits to finding a way to include one of these pens in your back yard.

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Benefits of outdoor dog kennels

Potty Breaks

When your dog needs to go to the bathroom and you are pressed for the time to take him out it is real easy to put them in their kennel outside and let them take as much time as they want to do their business.


While most of the outdoor dog pens that people have for their pooch are not all that big due to space or money constraints, most of them are still big enough (or should be) for them to get at least a little bit of exercise and burn off some energy.

Change of pace

The dog will also get other kinds of much needed stimulation such as sounds, smells, and entertainment.

Being locked up inside the house all the time is very boring and a change of scenery by being outside in the kennel for a while can really help to mix things up a bit.  If you have more than one dog and they get along well, you may be amazed at how much fun they can have together in their outdoor dog kennel.

While many people feel that putting their pet in an outdoor cage is harmful, most experts feel that it is more than fine as long as the dog(s) don’t have to spend all of their time in there.


While a large kennel can cost hundreds of dollars, you can find smaller ones for well under two hundred dollars.  This ends up being much cheaper than having to pay someone to walk your dog every day.

Can I Get A Roof For the Pen?

There are a variety of options when it comes to keeping the sun and rain off of your pooch when he is outside.  Most of the roof coverings available are sized to fit standard size kennels.  These are generally easy to install if you have some do it yourself skills.

A roof covering for the kennel is a must have for most dog owners and your pet will greatly appreciate it too.  If you can’t afford some sort of roof or covering system for the kennel or cage then at the very least you should have a dog jacket for your pet if the weather is cold or they are a type of dog with very little fur to keep them warm.

dog kennel flooring

Plastic Dog Kennel Flooring

What About A Floor For The Kennel?

Here again there are numerous options.  While many people have a concrete slab already in place that they just build the kennel over, heat build up is a concern.  If you don’t install a roof or some sort of shade covering your dog will suffer greatly and may even die from heat exhaustion.

A better option is to install some dog kennel flooring (available at Amazon.com) that is made from plastic or other manufactured material that won’t build up so much heat.

Many of these kennel flooring products are ribbed, or even have holes in them which not only helps to dissipate the heat, but also makes cleaning easier as in many case you can just hose the kennel down as long as there is no solid waste in there.

In most cases you can find excellent flooring options for outdoor dog cages and pens for around five dollars per square foot.  This is right in line with most other kinds of flooring.

Cleaning Outdoor Dog Pens

Some folks feel that since the pen is outside that they don’t have to keep it clean, but this is not true.  Cleanliness is very important.

If dog waste is left to build up it not only starts to stink to high heaven, it can also start to breed disease and cause all different kinds of health problems, not only for the dogs, but also for the people who have to go near, or in the pen to feed the dogs.

If the outdoor kennel gets daily use, removal of the dog feces on an every other day basis at a minimum is important to keep your pet healthy and the pen smelling fresh. 

If a build up has occurred, get yourself a shovel and garbage bag and remove everything.  You can then spray the area down (with the dog removed) with a water and bleach mixture to kill any remaining germs and odors.

Options for smaller dogs

If you have a small dog then there really is no need for an extremely large pen.  Many people find that a portable indoor play pen for dogs works well.  There are other small outdoor playpens for dogs too.  These don’t cost nearly as much as a 6′ tall fenced in kennel or cage and will supply all of the same benefits.

The convenience of outdoor dog kennels cannot be understated, but proper care, maintenance, and cleaning are of the utmost importance in order for you to have a happy and healthy pet.

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