Dog Jackets and Coats

medium size dog jacket coat

When it turns cold outside many dogs really appreciate the warmth that a dog jacket or dog coat provides.

Certain kinds of dogs really do need to wear a jacket or coat in the colder months of the year and there are several options for you to choose from.

As the temperature starts to drop when winter approaches many people suddenly find that their dogs who previously leapt around in excitement at the mention of going for a walk, suddenly cower in the back of their dog houses.

Often the reason for this is that they, just like many humans, don’t like the cold. 

If your dog is quite lean with no spare fat, or else just has a very fine coat, then freezing temperatures can chill him to the bone.

Luckily there is a simple solution to the problem.  Buy him a dog jacket!

Dog jackets and coats can be found to fit every size of dog from an Irish Wolfhound to a tiny Terrier and you can get them in all sorts of styles and fabrics.

How To Determine The Right Size of Dog Jacket or Coat

Start by measuring your dog from the base of his neck to the base of his tail and then around his chest.  This will allow you to select exactly the right size of coat – too big or too small and your dog will be really uncomfortable and won’t want to wear it a second time. 

If you live somewhere that is particularly cold then you might want a coat with legs in it too and so you will also need to measure the length of your dog’s legs.

Once you have the correct size you can decide on what sort of style you want.  Would a hood be useful?  Does he need the coat to cover his stomach or just his back?  There are other kinds of dog clothing too.  Some people like to dress up their small dogs in fancy outfits for special occasions.

There are different fabrics available, including fleece, wool and padded cotton with the widest choice of patterns found in cotton jackets.

If it is likely to rain as well as be cold then waterproof dog coats are a good option. These can be plastic or rubber but the more expensive breathable materials will stop your dog from sweating as much.  You can buy these with warm linings or without, depending on how cold the area that you live in gets.

If you have an outdoor dog kennel that your dog spends time in that doesn’t have any sort of dog house in it to protect him from the cold or falling weather and he doesn’t have a thick coat of fur, then some sort of dog coat or jacket will not only help him to be more comfortable when it is cold outside, but will also make you feel better knowing he is at least somewhat protected from the elements.


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