Getting Federal Student Aid and the Pell Grant

The federal student aid and the Pell Grant Application is actually one in the same, and students who are seeking financial assistance need to complete this form, more commonly referred to as the FASFA application.

This application can be completed online by visiting the Department of Education website. Students who are planning to start college in the upcoming year should complete paperwork for this kind of financial aid assistance as early as possible.

Financial aid applications cover more than just the basic grants. Students who are interested in college work study programs are also eligible for assistance. There are even additional grants available for students who apply several months early.

The Pell Grant application is available at all community colleges and universities. Anyone who wishes to apply for the Pell Grant, and other types of federal student aid may do so when the opening season begins.

There is a start date and a deadline date for submitting an application. Students who wait until the last minute to complete and submit their application run the risk of not being able to start classes, during their preferred term.

For first time college students there is a one time enrollment fee for college, but not for the Pell Grant application. This application is free to pick up, and free to submit.

There are some qualifications that determine whether or not a student is eligible for federal aid, and the federal Pell Grant. The student must meet the income criteria and the citizenship status in order to apply for aid.

Once the student has meet all the proper requirements for assistance, their application is reviewed for verification. If additional verification is needed, the student must comply with the school, before any assistance is granted.

How much a student is eligible to receive will depend on their EFC (Expected Family Contribution) amount. The lower the EFC number the more financial aid the student is entitled to. For instance, a student who receives a EFC of “0” is eligible for the full Pell Grant amount.

Pell Grant assistance has been raised to a maximum of 5,500 dollars per academic year. Students who are registered for at least 2 or more classes are eligible to receive some of this financial aid grant money as long as they completed their FAFSA by the appropriate deadlines.

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