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The industry leader in the up and coming video glasses market, or iwear market is a company by the name of Vuzix.  While it isn’t quite “3d TV without glasses” it could be considered 3d TV without the TV!

You can buy these hd virtual video glasses from a variety of sources, but in order to protect yourself and your money then probably the best place to get them is from Amazon.

The marketplace for video glasses is evolving and the Vuzix iwear seems to be the most popular and well liked as far as user experience goes judging by all of the positive video eyewear reviews out there.

What many people are finding out, is that these video glasses or goggles is not just for generating a better user experience while playing video games. The larger market for these heads up display glasses would seem to be for all of the ipad, iphone, and other brands of smart phones and computer tablet users.


The Vuzix iwear vr920 video sunglasses are one of the most popular heads up display eyewear.

Although it has taken some time for people to accept and use these types of video eyewear on a large scale this author predicts that in the very near future they will be nearly ubiquitous.

Here is my paraphrased blurb about the Vizux vr920 that was taken right from the Vuzix website, where the retail price is listed as $349.95. 

You can get them much cheaper from Amazon, click this link to see Wrap 920 (329T00011), or click on the picture to the right to get there and get more details.


Here are the details from the Vizux site…

With unmatched styling and performance the Vuzix® Wrap™ 920 video eyewear is the most advanced wearable display available today!

These are sunglass-style eyewear, providing you with a virtual 67-inch screen as seen from 10 feet, they display crystal clear 2D and 3D video whether you are outside or in the house or office.

They support standard 2D videos and movies, plus nearly all common 3D video formats.

Vuzix’ Wrap 920 eyewear will connect  to all NTSC or PAL audio/video devices with video-out capabilities and composite video connections.   Included in the American and Canadian versions is a  Composite A/V Adapter for iPod®/iPhone® which will ensure you of simple plug ‘n play connection to today’s most popular portable media player.

You can also purchase separately the Optional Wrap Adapter. These provide connections to HDMI equipped devices and even desktop PC and laptops for watching movies.


So what they are saying if I read that correctly is that while this is not a way to get 3d tv without glasses, or those funky goggles some television manufacturers require, it is actually a way to get 3d tv without the TV!

I have to confess that I don’t know if there is anyone providing a 3d format over the internet yet, but if there isn’t, I am quite sure that it won’t be long before there is an industry standard for it.  Of course there already are 3d games that can be used with these glasses and while all of the reviews out there are not 100% positive, most people seem to find at least some value in them and can’t wait to see what the next generation (Spring 2011) of iwear will bring.

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