How To Open A Pocket Watch

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Pocket Watches are still a very popular choice for the discerning man.

A pocket watch has hundreds of tiny parts. Some are visible to the eye while others might be a little difficult to see with the naked eye.  Most people are not familiar with pocket watch parts but collectors can easily tell them apart from one another.

A pocket watch for men and a pocket watch for women basically have the same parts. The pocket watch casing and the pocket watch mechanism or movement are just two of the largest parts of a pocket watch. These parts can even be purchased separately.

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When trying to repair a pocket watch be careful when opening the casing.

There is much information you can find on the pocket watch movement. The pocket watch’s serial number can be found there.  The manufacturing date of the pocket watch should correspond to the serial number on the movement.

Another thing that you will find on the movement is the pocket watch movement grade. Pocket watches which have been adjusted will have the word “Adjusted” stamped on the movement. The name and logo and sometimes the location of the factory should also be indicated on the movement.

Before opening the pocket watch case, there are things you should know first. Each pocket watch has a correct way of opening it. Some may be similar but not all are opened the same way.

It is best to identify the pocket watch casing first before attempting to open the watch. It is also best to familiarize yourself with the anatomy of the watch. (If you know that it was a discount watch then you may not be so concerned about damaging it as it can easily be replaced).  This will help you in making sure that you do not cause any damage to the watch.  If you are not sure of yourself, it is better to consult an expert or a professional.

Most pocket watches are opened using a pocket watch knife. Most pocket watches also have a “lip” or a depression where you can insert the knife and pry open the case, but like what was said before, this does not apply to all pocket watches.

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