Be Healthy And Hip With The Garmin FR60

garmin fr-60 running watch

The Garmin FR 60 Running Watch

The Garmin FR60 Women’s Lilac Fitness watch is the best item to purchase for someone who wants to be health conscious wherever she may be. Garmin FR60 Women’s Lilac Fitness Watch incorporates a watch’s time-reading function with one’s ability to check his/hear health while at the gym or jogging outdoors.

The Garmin FR60 is fast becoming popular nowadays not just because of its sleek and edgy watch designs, but because it gives its users so much more in health benefits. Garmin FR60 watches are able to record your workout data, including your heart rate, time, calories burned, averages, lap times and more. FR60 also has advanced tools for training, like training alarms, and a Virtual Partner that you can compete with so you can up your exercises a notch higher than usual.

Moreover, the Garmin running watches like the FR60 can be paired up with other devices for more and enhanced health benefits. When used with Tanita BC-1000 (which is a scale that can be used for measuring one’s body composition), Garmin FR60 can also track your body fat, weight, body water, and other health measurements. The findings are automatically stored in your Garmin FR60 sports watch and are instantly sent to a software called Garmin Connect when it is within computer range. And when Garmin FR60 gets connected with the ANT+ wireless link, it automatically links with an optional foot pod that is wireless, as it records both either your distance and speed for both indoor and outdoor exercises.

Once you’ve recorded all your workout data, Garmin FR60 automatically transfers these information to your computer. All you need to do is just look at the data, categorize them, and then analyse what their health repercussions are. It’s that easy and it’s that simple.

The Garmin FR60 Women’s Lilac Fitness Watch is one of Garmin’s offerings for its women’s line. Apart from all the added benefits and functions that are enumerated above, it is also water resistant for up to 50 meters, and has a user-replaceable cell battery that lasts for up to a year.


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