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Proactive Products have many happy user reviews. The product line has been around a number of years and people are still having success with it to treat their pimples and acne.

Proactive products for acne will solve the problem for people who have a stubborn case of the condition.

If you have no idea about this acne formula, you can check the Proactive reviews which contain side effects, ingredients and the benefits you can get from using these solutions consistently.

Acne can lower your self-esteem and make you lose your confidence.

This skin problem can really be frustrating and daunting especially if you have tried lots of acne solution that only worsens the appearance of acne.

Swollen acne can be unsightly and this will surely deter you from interacting with other people.

Proactive Solution contains three acne formulas which are designed to get rid of acne and its ugly signs.

The active ingredient of Proactive Solution is benzoyl peroxide.

This is one of the common ingredients of any acne medications as this ingredient can attack bacteria and prevent clogging of pores.

Proactiv Solution only contains 2.5 % of benzoyl peroxide to reduce skin irritation and dryness. The lesser benzoyl peroxide does not make this solution less effective.

How often should you apply Proactiv?

These three solutions should be applied twice a day; one in the morning and another in the evening. The renewing cleanser is the first solution that should be applied on the skin.

You should apply a pea sized amount on your face and massage it gently for approximately two minutes. After which, wash your face with warm water and let it dry before using the revitalizing toner.

Can you use Proactive Products on other parts of the body?

You can also use the Proactive Cleanser in other parts of your body with acne such as your back, shoulders, or to help remove pimples on the buttocks. You can also combine Proactive with other acne formula and cosmetic treatments. Use the cleanser carefully as this can cause discoloration on clothes.

The second step is applying revitalizing toner. All you have to do to apply this formula is to moisten a cotton ball and massage it to your face.

Should you rinse off the product that you apply?

Do not rinse the solution. Let it dry and proceed to the next step which is applying the repairing lotion. You should apply a sunscreen if you want to go outside as the harmful rays of the sun may damage your skin.

Using the repairing lotion is the last step that you have to take to get rid of acne. Simply squeeze a small amount in the palm and apply it evenly on areas affected by acne.

There is no need for you to rinse off. Just let the lotion dry on your face. If you experience irritation and redness, you should reduce the frequency of application as this solution also contains benzoyl peroxide.

What are some of the side effects?

Some of the side effects of Proactive Acne Solution are peeling, redness, stinging, skin dryness and irritation. These side effects can be reduced when you use this solution less frequently.

Various Proactive reviews also contain different ways that can lessen or prevent side effects. You can read these reviews for you to avoid some of the discomforts that using this product may bring.

Does Proactiv work for everyone?

This product does not have a 100% success rate for getting rid of pimples and acne, although many people do get excellent results with it.  Beyond using an acne product like Proactiv, there are other remedies including acne pills, and other pimple and blackhead products, pore minimizers, and other natural acne remedies that you can use to lessen the effects on your skin that acne can bring.

What if I already have acne scars?

If you have had a bad case of acne for any length of time you probably have some acne scars.  While the Proactive product line of products won’t help you to eliminate acne scarring some people are getting decent results with some of the newer acne scar treatments that are available.

Just remember that any scar cream or lotion that you use will take some time for you to see results, and you should only buy from a reputable company where you can get your money back if you are not happy with what the product does for you.  It is important to realize that there is no review on Proactive that purports that this product will help with scarring.  If you have skin scars that you want to get rid of you will have to use a different brand.


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