Things You Should Know About Acne Pills Treatments

Like other illnesses, it is easier to deal with acne in its earlier stage. Skin treatments can be used
to regulate excessive sebum on skin and remove dead skin cells that may clog the pores. But
don’t worry because more acute acne stages can be resolved with more intensive treatments.
The important reminder here is to be aware of what these medications can do and if there are
any disadvantages.

Contraceptives and Birth Control Pills

They are not only for birth control but also surprisingly work against acne caused by hormonal
imbalances and androgen activities inside the body. Contraception pills contain estrogen
and progesterone and they help prevent the skin from generating too much sebum. Oily skin
surfaces are breeding places for bacteria that cause acne.

Antibacterial Pills and Antibiotics

Antibiotics have substantial contents that ward off or destroy bacteria to stop it from
multiplying and causing acne. Antibacterial pill treatments last for up to four weeks which is
one of its drawbacks.

Many doctors feel that undergoing antibiotic treatment for a month is too long and may have
detrimental effects to health. If considered as a treatment, it
should only be for a short period and an attending physician should supervise the treatment
closely.  Many people opt for a more natural acne treatment.

Vitamin A Derivative: Accutane Treatment

Isotretinoin is more available and known in the Accutane form. This medication is derived from
Vitamin A and is considered as a very effective medication for cyst or nodule-related acne.
However, one of its adverse effects includes possible birth defects and so they are not advisable
for pregnant women.

Patients also need to be well-informed of its side effects before they can
undergo the treatment. Consult with your physician so that all the elements of the treatment
can be discussed and any other risks related to family background and medical history can be

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