Reaching Customers with Mobile Marketing

Businesses can reach their current and potential future customers easily by using mobile marketing. Marketing through mobile devices such as mobile phone, tablet PC’s, and smartphones has many advantages.

Businesses whose products or services are targeted for young people can have mobile advertising as the primary marketing tool. The vast majority of mobile phone users, especially smartphone users, are young people and they  adapt to and accept new technologies easily.

Mobile marketing is also affordable.  It is not nearly as expensive as other media like television, it can be a cost-efficient and effective marketing tool. Mobile advertising also has a targeting tool where the advertisers can choose the target audience based on several preferences.

There are many types of mobile advertisement:

  1. Text message ads are the ads in the form of text messages.  This is called text message marketing.  The ads are sent directly to the target audience. Another advantage of mobile text ads is that there is no spam filter on mobile phones, but you do have to get your customer’s permission first in order to send them these text coupons.
  2. Mobile search ads are the ads on the top of a search result page.  Google’s search engine is still the most used website on the internet. That is why mobile search ads will give benefit for the advertisers.
  3. Mobile banner ads are the ads in the form of banner on the top or the bottom of mobile websites. The ads can be expandable to compensate the small screen size.
  4. In-app ads are the ads that can be found inside an application on smartphones. The ads are usually fun and interactive because they utilize the technologies on the smartphone such as accelerometer and touch screen.

A mobile ad network helps advertisers by providing tools that are very useful when the advertisers create a mobile ad campaign. Advertisers also can use a tool to track the progress of the ongoing mobile ad campaign. They can collect the analysis that is needed for planning a better mobile ad campaign in the future.

Advertising to customers on their mobile phones is a relatively new way of marketing and the industry is still maturing.  The important thing to realize is that business marketing strategies are changing quickly and if you are a business owner it is important to stay abreast of the trends that are happening right now.

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