Snow Goose Hunting Videos

snow goose hunting

Time to go Snow Goose Hunting?

There are many snow goose hunting videos to be found on the internet, mainly on These videos show small or large groups of hunters, determined to bring down a snow goose from the crisp spring sky.

A snow goose is a medium sized goose that breeds on the tundra of the artic. They mostly travel in large and noisy flocks. Most are white but there are a few dark in their midst. This makes for beautiful swarms in the sky and enjoyable videos to watch, especially for hunters interested in pursuing a snow goose.

Goose hunting was brought to a halt in 1916 due to a large decrease in population. It was allowed again in 1975 after the population increased. The population has increased so much they are starting to destroy nesting habitats. The hunters in the videos are mostly not doing this out of boredom; they are hunting to help the environment.

Some hunters use ground decoys, or spinning decoys called rotary machines. This can be seen on a great deal of snow goose hunting videos. Decoys are a must when trying to trick these specific birds into coming close to the ground, obviously mistaking the fake geese for their friends. Don’t let them fool you though; these birds are highly intelligent.

Often there will be a small group of snow geese for a moment and seconds later hundreds of them will appear with their loud squawking and graceful flying. Many people enjoy their sounds and flying, others want to simply reduce the population. Snow geese can be found all over, from Missouri to Canada.

Snow geese are beautiful to watch gliding through the air; you almost don’t want them to get interrupted by gun shots while watching the videos. Taking out these animals can be a challenging act and just like every other animal, they are just as much a sport as hunting deer or other wildlife. Whether the clips are being watched out of interest or admiration, everyone viewing will have a new respect for both the snow goose and the hunter.


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