Set the Mood with LED Patio Umbrella Lights

LED patio umbrella lights

You can buy basic LED patio umbrella lights for under $10.00

Spending time outdoors is something that just about everybody likes to do when it is warm outside.

Sometimes, if we’re alone, it’s okay to just sit outside in the dark with a nice small fire. But, there are other times when we have friends or family over, that we would like to have a little bit of light to keep things safe – and so we can see each other during conversation.

There are a few things you can do that are great for setting a nice atmosphere for entertaining outside.

If you have a patio table, chances are you have an umbrella on it. LED patio umbrella lights are a perfect way to enhance the mood of any gathering outside.

Attaching them is extremely simple – most come pre-built with an assembly that will attach right to the pole and shine light all the way around the table.

You can also use a small set of outdoor string lights and wrap them around the outside bottom edge of the umbrella. This gives a completely different look than the type that attaches to the pole.

The advantage to using LED lights over traditional incandescent bulbs is that they will last much longer. If you opt for a solar powered version of the lights, you will have a very low maintenance solution that will last for years. But, you can also use battery operated lights, and as long as they are of the LED variety, they will also last a long time before you need to change the batteries.

Using an electrical type light isn’t usually as desirable for a patio umbrella, for the reason that you will have to find an unobtrusive way to run the power to the lights. This can lead to somebody tripping on the cord, or even catching the leg of a chair on it and potentially shorting out the lights. Solar or battery powered lights are the optimal way to get around this problem.

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