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Why Suicide? Questions and Answers.

About 32,000 people die each year from suicide in the United States alone.

Suicide is now viewed as a health problem because of these outrageously high numbers. Suicide can occur among different age groups, from young children to teenagers and from young adults to adults.

Most people believe that the majority of people, who have committed suicide, did so because they suffered from mental illnesses.  It could be safe to say this because a large number of people, who committed suicide, did have mental issues.

Unfortunately though, there are also many of these people who did this as a type of rebellion and teenage suicide statistics bear this out showing that most of these suicides occurred among teenagers.

Below are some of the factors that can cause suicide as well as suicide statistics among young children, teenagers, and adults.

What conditions can cause someone to be more prone to committing suicide?  There are many conditions that are thought to be potential causes of suicide.

If you know someone who suffers from a condition and is showing suicidal signs or telling you about suicidal thoughts, then you should be cautious and keep an eye on these people. This person may be suffering from a mental condition or may need professional help.

Frequently, these people are depressed and they think that committing suicide is the only answer to their problems. Those who are addicted to drugs are more likely to commit suicide than those who are in their right minds.

If you know someone who has attempted to commit suicide before, but was unsuccessful, then you should be very mindful of them. This is because there is a higher probability that they will attempt it again.

Also, individuals who have known someone personally that committed suicide are also more likely to commit suicide themselves. Finally, individuals that are locked up in prison are more likely to attempt suicide.

Overall, more men commit suicide than women. In teenagers, starting from 15 to 19 years old, the number of teenage boys that commit suicide is twice as much as the number of teenage girls who commit suicide. It has been said that in 2020, these numbers will increase even more.

With young adults, it has been found that men ages 20 to 24 are ten times more likely to commit suicide than women in that same age group. Most of the boys who have attempted suicide and those who successfully committed suicide were or currently are a part of sexual minorities.

It is important that suicide and prevention measures are taken into consideration.  The number of people that have committed suicide is already alarming. Therefore, if you suspect someone of being suicidal, then it is highly advised not to leave them alone and to seek professional help immediately.

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