The Risks of Wearing Flip Flops

dangers of flip flops

Flip Flops for shoes are popular, but can cause foot problems especially for children.

Flip flops are very popular footwear nowadays. Children, who like going around barefoot, prefer flip flops over any other shoe because they can easily be slipped off and are lighter to wear. Moreover, many people find flip flops more convenient because of their very low prices.  However, flip flops carry with them several risks that can be harmful not just to children but to adults as well. That’s why it is important for you to understand the hazards of wearing flip flops.

The first problem with flip flops is that they do not offer arch support to the person wearing them. This could be unfavorable to many people, especially to children whose feet are still developing.  Adults also face the same risk as their feet can still develop arch problems if they often wear flip flops. If a problem with arch support is not treated at an earlier stage, this can result in a much more serious foot disorder and pain worse than that of tennis elbow.

By wearing flip flops regularly, children can also develop hammer toes, in which the toes are deformed and permanently bent. This happens because your toes always grip to the flip flops just to keep them on. Muscle spasms result, causing disorders in your feet. When toes are also bent for long periods of time, the muscles in the toes shorten; and this can make your feet look unattractive.

It is recommended for children to wear sneakers instead of flip flops. Sneakers offer protection and support to the entire foot. Your feet will be protected from several problems, such as sunburn, insect bites, dust, and infections. Crocs are also a great alternative because they can be kicked off easily. Aside from that, they provide arch support compared to flip flops. Adults can also try wearing bamboo shoes, or even character shoes, both of which offer support and are stylish at the same time.

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