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A mixer is one home appliance that no great kitchen should be without. After all, preparing cake, puddings and other different dough mixtures just by using your hand is tiring and can get old very fast.

sunbeam mixer

Sunbeam has been making home appliances and mixers since 1910.

A mixer will make cooking and baking much easier and faster. One brand of mixer that has been trusted for generations is the Sunbeam mixer

Sunbeam is an American brand that has been producing electric home appliance since 1910. Other Sunbeam products that gained popularity are their waffle iron and toaster.

A Sunbeam mixer is equipped with a lot of features, models and sizes. First to consider are the different speed controls. Some mixers have five speed controls and some have as many as twelve.

The varied speed controls result in distinct textures of the mixture depending on the recipe involved. Also, the speed controls reduce the amount of spattering.

A user also has the option of disconnecting the top of some of the Sunbeam mixers and just using the hand mixer.

Another great thing about a Sunbeam mixer is that it comes with a lot of accessories such as wire whisks, standard beaters, replacement bowls and dough hooks. Bakers and chefs appreciate the its durability and efficiency as well as its easy-to-use characteristics.

With its open design that prevent clumping and clogging, clean up is a breeze.  Its compact size will not take up much space on the kitchen counter.  These mixers are very affordable and are widely available at numerous home stores and large chain retailers.

lightweight hand mixer

A lightweight hand mixer is ideal for everyday jobs such as beating eggs.

A lightweight hand mixer is ideal for everyday jobs such as beating eggs, whipping cream and mixing everything from cookie dough to pancake batter.

Before purchasing a lightweight hand mixer, make sure you have tried it out first by holding it with one hand for around 5 minutes. See to it that you are comfortable with the way you grasp the mixer and also its weight.

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