Installing a Wall Hung Kitchen Faucet

Counter space is often limited in a kitchen. Those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen may benefit from using a wall hung kitchen faucet.

wall mount kitchen faucet

Wall hung or wall mount kitchen faucets come in a large variety of styles to fit in with just about any kitchen decor.

A wall hung faucet goes on the wall above the sink. This makes the area around the sink more available.

There are plenty of styles and finishes to choose from and it can add a touch of elegance to a kitchen.

The drawback is that the plumbing is challenging since it goes into a wall behind the fixture so often times people do this as part of a whole kitchen remodeling plan.

A wall mounted faucet comes in a variety of styles. Some of those styles are rustic and modern sleek. They come in dual handle or single handle styles. Pull-out faucets are also available.

Dual or Single Handles?

Dual handle faucets in this category have separate handles for hot and cold. A single wall mount faucet has temperature controls on only one handle.

What Kind Of Finish Can I Get?

Finishes for wall mounted kitchen faucets include chrome, nickel, or oil rubbed bronze. Many people like to use a satin finish as well. Satin finishes are fingerprint and dirt resistant, so it makes a homeowner’s life considerably easier.

Should I Install Myself?

In order to install a wall mounted faucet of any style or finish in the kitchen, someone should have a solid understanding of plumbing. The plumbing often needs to come up above the sink level.

The method of installing a faucet on the wall of a kitchen is typically by using exposed plumbing, a rustic element based on traditional mounted faucets.

The plumber installing the pipes and extensions needs to cut through walls, an often time-consuming and expensive thing to do. The plumber must do this in order to avoid hitting any existing wiring.

Though a wall hung kitchen faucet has its drawbacks due to a potential complex installation it can add quite a bit of style and elegance to the kitchen.  It also is helpful in creating a more open kitchen, and placing a faucet on the wall above the basin increases counter space.



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