What Is Tankini Swimwear?

Tankini swimwear

The latest in women’s summer fashion is Tankini swimwear.

The latest in women’s summer fashion is Tankini swimwear. It’s really hot in the market right now.

It is like a one piece swimsuit except that there are two parts – the bottom and the top. A bikini makes up the bottom part is and a simple tank top makes for the top.

Thus the name of tankini because of the tank top and the bikini. Recently, there have been variations. The bottom now also comes styled in a boy cut.

As for the top, there are now styles that sport a halter that you can knot at the back. Tops are normally fitted to the torso, extending to the hips so that it ends just below the top of the bottom. This creates the look of one whole swimsuit.

The tankini is popular with pregnant and plus sized women. For these women, the tankini is slightly flared below the bust, helping conceal any belly that the woman would not want to show.

A boy cut styled bottom is popular among bigger women because it downplays possibly large thighs.

Spandex is the material used with these swimsuits, making them extremely comfortable. To help retain shape and to add support, a bra is incorporated with the bust area.

This swimsuit style became popular because it allows women to go from the beach or pool to other casual activities by simply slipping into a some shorts. Add shoes that are water resistant and one is prepared to spend a day at the pool, by the beach or boating.

These shoes also come in various colors and styles. They are available in MaryJanes complete with Velcro closures and classic straps. They also come in numerous styles resembling athletic shoes. But it is not the design but the rubber sole providing non-slip traction that makes them the best water shoes for women.

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