The Best Bicycle Storage: A Metal Shed

bike storage shed

A metal shed is a good place to store your bikes.

A quality bike is a must have for many people, which makes safe, tamper proof bike storage necessary as well.

A metal bike shed is the perfect option for many people.

These sheds can be purchased from a number of retailers, from specialty bike stores, hardware stores, and even at

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A range of sizes is often available.  The shed may already be built, or one may be able to purchase a kit and put it together themselves. 

Even if the shed is not specifically built for bikes, it can be suitable for bicycle storage.

Choosing a shed made from powder coated metal rather than liquid coated is a more environmentally friendly choice, as powder coatings are recyclable and do not emit volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Still, the coating makes the shed look attractive and helps it to stand up to the weather.

A metal building or shed may come with a lock, or one can often be easily installed.  The shed being made of metal offers another advantage, as if anyone attempts to tamper with or break into the shed, the metal will be quite noisy to deter the criminal.

The metal will also be rodent proof and virtually impossible for animals to break into. This stops damage to both the bike and the shed itself.

In addition to storing the bicycle itself, a metal shed can be used to store bike tools and accessories safely.  One could also choose to store other valuable items, such as sports equipment or home repair tools in their bicycle shed.

Secure bicycle storage, such as a metal bike storage shed, is a must for people looking to protect their valuable investment in a bicycle.


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