Best Leaf Collector For Your Yard Or Lawn

powered leaf sweeper

Time for a Powered Leaf Sweeper?

With the invention of leaf collectors such as lawn sweeper/leaf sweeper and leaf blower, sweeping leaves in the yard has never been easy. Unlike before, it takes a lot of time collecting leaves with the use of a rake. In a home with many trees and large yard, these machines are necessary to sweep off leaves that if left in place will create patches on the ground making your lawn unpleasant and may cause people to slip and fall when these leaves are left in hard surfaces. These machines can also be used all year round. Though lawn sweeper and leaf blower are created for the same purpose, they; however, are different in terms of their usage, form, and technical aspect.

Leaf sweeper or lawn vacuum are preferred by many than a leaf blower as it is more convenient and time efficient to collect leaves and sweep up debris. They come in different types, namely, hand powered lawn sweeper, powered leaf sweeper, powered with shredder, and towed. All types come in with a collection bag and adjustable sweeper height. For a towed sweeper, you will need a vehicle to attach it.  A sweeper with shredder is very useful when you want to mulch leaves.

Leaf blower will be very useful in gardens or yards with odd angles. It can also be used to sweep patio and sweep lawn. Some disadvantages of leaf blower are that it has no catch bag so you will need to manually put the leaves on the bag and if it is windy, the leaves that you have gathered may just be blown and scattered again. When choosing what machine is best for your lawn, take into consideration the number of trees and shape of your yard or lawn and also your physical capability to handle such machines. This way, you can make the most of your leaf sweeper.

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