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Basketball Hoops

There are a number of sports companies that have made it their life’s work to provide quality sports equipment to the general public. They offer products that are tailored to the specific needs and varied financial capabilities of their consumers.

One of such companies is Lifetime. It was founded in 1972 and since then has provided quality products that are not only reasonably priced but incredibly functional as well. Apart from being the leader in providing low-end hoops, it also boasts of being one of the first few companies that produced hoops with adjustable backboards. Prices vary from seventy dollars to about five hundred dollars. Because of its affordability, it is suitable to give as presents to kids who are still starting to learn and perfect their basketball skills.

Spalding takes pride in having a wide range of products that are perfect for every kind of budget. Whether you are looking for low-end products or those that any pro basketball player would be proud to have, Spalding has all of these for you and more. It was founded in 1876 and produced the first ever basketball in 1891. A century or so later, the company is still manufacturing quality sporting goods. Purchasing their products would set you back about a hundred dollars up to twenty five hundred dollars. The Spalding 50 fifty-inch In-Ground Basketball with Acrylic Backboard is its top-rated product which comes with an added bonus, a grand sleeve, which means a savings of around fifty dollars.

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Dunk it!

Pro Dunk is one of the last remaining companies that manufacture their goods in the US. It specializes in producing high-end products that boast of great engineering and durability. They are also the makers of the most solid poles in the entire industry. Prices start from just under seven hundred dollars up to almost twenty-five hundred dollars. For players that are searching for a high quality system at an extremely low price, they should give the Pro Dunk Silver Adjust Outdoor Basketball System that is equipped with a fifty four-inch backboard and costs under a thousand dollars.

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