The best way to store your MX5 hardtop


mazda mx5 hardtop storage

Keep your hardtop looking nice by storing it properly

Since you probably bought your MX5 to enjoy drives with the top down, your hardtop will probably spend a lot of time in storage. So, you need to make sure it is stored in a safe location where it will not be damaged.

There are pros and cons to every storage method.  A protective MX5 hardtop storage method is best.

A few to consider are a tripod stand sold by Mazda, also there are several wall hanging set ups, or you could decide to use a homemade solution or even purchase a custom hardtop bag to protect your top.

The tripod stand supports the hardtop and keeps it from falling, but does not protect it from scratches.  Although the stand will keep coveted garage floor space, it will not keep the top from falling if something bumps up against it.

Wall hanging is a great option, it keeps the top off the floor and there is little risk of a bump knocking it off.  Unless it is installed incorrectly, then it could easily fall and drop your hardtop with disastrous results.

A home made designed method might include wrapping the top in a blanket or leaning it against a wall. While these cheaper options on how to store your mx5 hardtop may be appealing, they will not protect your hardtop very much.

A slight shift or small bump could easily damage your hardtop. And since hardtops run between $1500 and $2000, a homemade solution may end up costing you more in the long run.

The best solution is actually a combination of two methods.  A hardtop storage bag is padded and fashioned from durable materials that will protect your hard top.  However, it will not protect it from falling. So, putting your MX5 hardtop in a hardtop storage bag and using either a tripod or a wall hanging method is the best way to protect your investment.


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