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Leave some space for your garden patio

When you first start making your garden and patio plans you may not have the capital to spend on every one of the features you want such as a gazebo, summer house, or larger patio area, but you should make long term plans for them just the same.

The reason for this is that gardening involves long term planning and some trees that you plant (if they are not fast growing trees) will take longer than your lifetime to grow to full maturity.

Planting of trees is a serious business and care must be taken as the roots of some trees might undermine your home or drainage systems.

This occurrence may be many years later and you will be so much older and perhaps unable to rectify the problem without professional assistance.

By leaving a space for a patio free, you can use it later on without the need to cut trees you have planted in the wrong place.  This applies equally to planning for the gazebo, pergola, large trees or garden shed.

The spaces that you reserve for these possible future additions to the garden can be utilized in the intervening years by planting seasonal vegetables or other crops that can be classified as non permanent.

The main thing is to try to visualize the garden in all its glory when every plant and tree is fully developed.

This visualization should also take account of permanent and semi-permanent concrete and wooden structures (patios, arches) which might be expensive to move (or abandon perhaps) and even the garden lighting.

Don’t be too hasty with your garden and outdoor areas in the initial few years until you have seen the effects of many seasons on the land and take note of waterlogged areas and areas that would be lush and suitable for growing vegetables, shrubs or other suitable trees.

Sometimes a garden will suggest certain features to you such as when land rises and falls or has natural features you cannot alter such as large rocks weighing several tons. Be adventurous, but make sure to plan ahead too.


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