Everything You Need to Know About The Emotiv EEG Headset

Emotiv is a huge euro engineering company that has developed a breakthrough technology that enhances the interactions between humans and computers by utilizing the power of the mind – your mind.

This amazing technology has managed to transform the way people can interact with computers. The applications that continue to come from this technology are extremely useful for a wide variety of industries, from interactive television, gaming and robotics to art, medicine, transportation safety and security.

mind control eeg headsets from EmotivA Breakthrough Invention

This technology is already being used in over 70 countries, and more countries are expressing their desire to implement it.

One of the most interesting products Emotiv has implemented so far is the Emotiv EEG headset, which is based on the latest discoveries in neuro-technology.

A Wireless Headset That Reads Your Thoughts

This unique wireless headset is a high resolution personal device that uses several advanced sensors to convert the electric signals produced by the brain into a signal that each computer or computer-like device can understand.

In other words, this eeg headset can easily detect your emotions, feelings, internal expressions – which most people think of as their thoughts and improve them.

The applications and benefits are endless.

Tan Le, the president and co-founder of Emotiv Systems, recently declared that this modern EEG technology needs to reach the global consumer market, and is sure that their new invention will change the way we act and think.

Here’s a video of her talking about this technology at a recent TED talk:

Emotiv is Cutting Edge

Emotiv is working hard on bringing their new technology to video games, automotive applications, and hopefully to disabled people who need an improved interaction with computers and other disability devices like power wheelchairs and the like.

Controlling an Electric Wheel Chair With The Mind

Here’s a video showing a man controlling an electric wheelchair with his mind – he’s using more than just his “thoughts” – he’s adding a bit of his own “neural muscular signals”.  It goes to show just one of the many ways that this technology can be used.

Eeg Headset Features

Emotiv’s innovative product has a few features that makes it really unique in the market.

Some of them are:

– 14 Saline Sensors. These electroencephalography sensors (or EEG sensors) are specially designed to offer an optimal positioning of the headset and to improve its accuracy.

– Unique Design. Featuring a limited edition design, the Emotiv EEG headset is a top-notch device that broke new ground in computing technologies.

– Advanced Gyroscope. This modern feature generates the optimal positional information for both camera and cursor control.

– High-performance Wireless. Due to this feature, the users have an extended range of motion.

– Included USB.  The headset doesn’t require any drivers to install and can be easily used on any modern PC.

– Lithium Battery. The headset can be used continuously for 12 hours.

Benefits of the Emotiv Eeg Headset

The limited edition of this headset is available to customers anywhere in the world. This type of headset is extremely beneficial for both customers and companies. First of all, people can use the eeg headset to focus their thoughts, emotions and feelings into creating better and more dynamic art, music and color.

Disabled patients are one of the most favored categories, because with this product they can do plenty of daily tasks more easily.

For example, many disabled users testified that the eeg headset helped them to play a hands-free video game, play piano and control their electric chair wirelessly. Moreover, epileptic and other patients who cannot talk can type text by thoughts and communicate easier.

Gamers Are Starting To Love It

Another tremendous benefit of this unique product can be experienced by professional gamers who spend hours in front of their computers. The Emotiv eeg headset helps them to experience a new dimension of virtual world.

The gaming experience is greatly improved, even to the point of controlling and influencing the virtual environment using the power of the mind. If you are addicted to World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Starcraft 2 or other top-notch games, you will find this device extremely interesting.

Technology Still In Its Infancy

Here’s a video of a guy showing the ability of this technology to control actions in a video game.  After the basics he gives a pretty detailed explanation of how it works.  Well worth a watch to the end.

And Another Video of A Guy Playing Angry Birds With His Mind

Mind Controlled Aircraft?

Others have begun to try using it to fly remote controlled aircraft as well.  See the video below.

Reading Consumers Thoughts and Emotions?

Lastly, the eeg headset can be of a tremendous help to marketing companies or marketers who want to conduct a survey.

This breakthrough product can help them get true and realistic insight about how their respondents feel about the survey or the material presented to them.

If the customers experience is a top priority for your company, you can use this device to get real time feedback from your customers and consequently to improve their satisfaction.

Emotiv Eeg Headset Reviews and Customer Feedback

Most companies and customers who tried this headset declared themselves extremely happy with the product. Most of them outlined the affordable price of only $300 of this breakthrough invention.

However, due to the components used, some have said that the headset is not yet that comfortable for long term continuous use – and a few have commented on the fact that the signal quality and range could be improved.

Better Models Coming Soon

The good news comes from Tan Le, the president of the company, who declared that, due to the improvements in dry electrodes, the quality of the signal,and the comfort will greatly increase for this product.

Where To Buy An Emotiv EEG Headset?

Emotiv eeg mind control headsets

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Customers can find a wide range of apps available for the emotiv eeg headset, as well as other accessories including felt sensors, EPOC hydrator packs and rubber comfort pads.

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