Barbers Help Young Professionals Build An Image

There is a change in the air–a change that has affected the young executives that are dressing for the office. A few years ago jeans and untucked shirts were acceptable dress codes for the workplace, but today men are returning to a professional appearance in the office. The return of the suit has led many young professionals to a pursuit of perfection as they are reaping the rewards of being young, single and successful in America. The image of the up and coming executive is one that starts with a visit to the mall and ends with an appointment at the barber.

Palo Alto residents who are looking to improve their image are taking the advice of their barber by learning how to properly groom themselves. Hair care products provide the neatly trimmed executive with a well maintained coif. The addition of a precision set of shaving products delivers the clean shaven look that many young professionals strive for.

Clean Shaven Men are Returning to the Workforce

While meeting with their barber a number of men are asking questions about shaving techniques. The correct approach to shaving and how to avoid nicks and burns are gladly being bestowed on the men that take an interest in managing their appearance. Until recently there were a lot of guys who did not understand the concept of a clean shave. Many men wore goatees and had facial hair that was scruffy. Thankfully men have cleaned up as they have grown up.

Today young career minder professionals understand the importance of dressing for their job. Personal grooming has made a comeback in corporate America and is spreading to many cities across the country. Along with the desire to dress appropriately for the workplace, many men are investing in the practice of shaving each day.

Shaving Restores the Professional Image Men Want

A man’s grooming comes down to how well he cares for his appearance at home. While a barber can deliver the style that a man wants, it is up to the individual to maintain his look once he is at home. To this end guys that have aligned their wardrobe with their career goals are taking the time to clean up each morning.

A luxurious wet shave provides the skincare that the modern executive is looking for. Under the tutelage of their barber men are learning the art of shaving. By following the four steps to a perfect shave guys that are dressing for success are finding the time they invest in cleaning up is its own reward.

Source: via Holly Nelson on Pinterest

Barbers Teach Men How to Clean Up for Work

A simple yet luxurious practice, shaving requires patience. Before reaching for the shaving cream it is important to prepare for a shave. Oils that are massaged into the skin provide the foundation for the perfect shave. Lather that is applied with a shaving brush delivers exfoliation while preparing facial hair for the touch of a razor’s blade. After slowly cutting each follicle during a wet shave, a moisturizer provides protection to the skin.

Still very masculine the perfect shave leaves a man looking and feeling his best. Deferring to the tips from their barber Palo Alto residents are learning proper skin care management that adds to the image they express whenever they put on a suit to go to work.

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