The Japanese Pillow – The Ultimate Relaxing Comfort

A Japanese pillow may possibly be the most comfortable pillow you can find. You may have heard of it by its name – “Sobakawa”. This name is a reference to the buckwheat hulls it contains. The buckwheat hulls actually offer many advantages over feathers or down used to make regular pillows. The Japanese pillow usually comes in a measurement of 14 by 20 inches. This allows for an easy fit for cases that come with standard bedding sets.

This extremely comfortable pillow has been used for centuries in many parts of Asia. The hulls have a cooling effect on the head, giving you a relaxing experience. You will find your sleep more restful too. The Japanese pillow contains small fibers that air can pass through. You will appreciate this when it gets really hot during summer. You can also remove hulls or increase their amount according to what makes you feel comfortable.

Buckwheat pillows support your head better than those made from down. They also work with your head’s pressure very well. The shape of ordinary pillows is not optimal for your head and neck – they don’t support them properly. Down pillow tend to lose shape after a while. On the other hand, buckwheat hull doesn’t and you get to enjoy it for many wonderful nights.

You can buy original pillows online and in selected stores. There are also variations available . For example, you can find one that contains tiny air bubbles instead of buckwheat hulls. As seen on TV, it is a version shaped specially for your head and neck. It goes for under $20 making it an affordable alternative to the original. They are often on offer, giving you two for the price of one.

If you choose to buy online you can get an authentic Japanese pillow for less than $30. These are  organic pillows made with buckwheat hulls. They are comfortable, contain organic fibers and  are a great value for money. Some have a relaxing, softly scented sachet included (ex. lavender scents). The pillows made with original measurement (14 by 20 inches) are slightly more expensive, in the area of $40.

Sleeping on these pillows keeps you cool and tends to  reduce neck pain. If you’re ecologically conscious, these pillows are environmentally-friendly. Comparing to similar products, like memory foam, which is also used in mattresses, they are priced quite reasonably too.  If you are looking for real comfort, the Japanese pillow fulfills this need for all types of users.

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