The Many Health Benefits of Carrot Juice

health benefits of carrot juice

Anyone up for a carrot juice cocktail?

Imagine a tall glass of delicious chilled carrot juice, fresh from the garden. Of course, many people do not even consider juicing vegetables. These people are unfortunate, as the carrot is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, and is quite delicious. Many people know that carrots are good for your eyes, but do not know why. These miracle vegetables help keep you healthy all-around. A carrot juicer just could be one of the wisest investments for your kitchen.

Everyone knows that carrots contain high amounts of vitamin A, but they do not always know how much. One eight-ounce glass of this delicious carrot juice can provide as much as twenty thousand milligrams of vitamin A. This awesome vitamin is not just good for your eyes, but can also help prevent cancer. As it is also an antioxidant, the vitamin helps to combat free radicals inside your body. Carrot juice also contains organic calcium, which is much better than milk or other sources of inorganic calcium; these other sources are responsible for gallstones. These super-vegetables also contain most of the vitamin B complex, which are helpful in supporting a healthy immune system.

Drinking the juice of carrots can also help with a big problem most Americans have: cholesterol. Drinking carrot juice every day helps to rid your body of bad cholesterol, which means a healthier heart and longer life. Many people with stomach problems swear by drinking the juice, as it helps to calm the digestive tract. This delicious juice is also an effective method for detox.

Unfortunately, not many people invest in a good carrot juicer, and thus have no way to benefit. They have the misconception that carrot juice is not very tasty. In fact, with fresh carrots, it is a very sweet and nutritious healthy juice. A carrot juicer is one of the best appliances to add to your kitchen arsenal.

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