The West Coast of Koh Tao

Koh Tao is a small island in the Gulf of Thailand that is famous for its unspoilt nature and its great diving and snorkeling. The most popular area by far on the island is the West coast. This post will take a look at what this area has to offer for people on holiday.

Koh Tao doesn’t have an airport. Consequently everyone arrives on the island at the main port town called Mae Haad. It is a pleasant town on the west coast that makes a convenient base from which to explore the island. The beach at the southern and northern ends is fine for swimming. There is also a wreck to dive.

The main beach on the west coast and on all of Koh Tao is Sairee Beach. It is a 3 km long white sand beach that has amazing sunsets every evening over the ocean. Accommodation on Sairee Beach ranges from resorts with swimming pools and spas to cheap fan bungalows. The only downside to Sairee is that it draws all the crowds.

Quieter options are Jansom Bay to the south and Laem Yai Nee to the north. They are near the action but not busy. Jansom Bay has just one accommodation provider – Charm Churee Village.

Laem Yai Nee is a rocky area with access to some secluded beaches. It is also blessed with the best sunsets – the sun reflects off the sandbar at Nang Yuan.

One of the high lights of any trip to Koh Tao is a day at the triple islands of Nang Yuan just off the west coast. It is a protected area made spectacular by a sand bank that joins the islands together. Nang Yuan Resort and Diving is the only place to stay on Nang Yuan.

Along the west coast of Koh Tao there is ample opportunity to see marine life by snorkeling or diving. The scenery in the area makes the place a tropical paradise and the prices for food, drink and accommodation puts the west coast of Koh Tao in the budget of even the most cost conscious backpacker.

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