Slipcovers For Sofas

slipcovers for sofas

Many people are not aware of the newer stretch type slipcovers for sofas and chairs.

If you want to keep your older sofa clean and tidy then finding slipcovers for sofas is really a must.

Despite that fact, however, many people confess that the slipcovers they buy never seem to fit their furniture well and always need to be daily tucked in and readjusted, which is quite tedious.

Some people have said that it is better to just better to buy new furniture than trying to find the slipcovers that fit the existing one.

However, that statement is definitely just an exaggeration. Buying a new sofa each time is not a very cheap solution, and you are better off putting some extra effort into finding the perfect fit slipcovers for sofas, instead.

Make sure that you get all the measurements of your sofa, in both inches and centimeters, including how the sofa measures from floor to the top of its seats, how it measures from the outer side of one arm to the other side of another arm, how it measures along the back of it and etc.

Calculate all possible little details, like the shape of your sofa arms, the amount of people the sofa is meant to serve (two or three-seat sofas) and etc.  The more you know the better.

Well, as we’ve said, it is still possible that you end up buying a sofa slipcover that still doesn’t fit your furniture perfectly.

You can alleviate the problem a little bit, however,  by for example, tucking in some poly battings or foam into the seat cushions to make them beefier and easier to fit into the slipcovers.  You could also by one of the newer stretch type slipcovers that make the adjustment process easier.

Also, some people say that if you visit the shop from where you purchased your original sofa you may find the perfect fit slipcover for it.  It is worth a telephone call at least.

Another thing you can do is just make the slipcovers yourself.  Since you know the exact measurements of your sofa it is much easier to craft a perfect fit sofa slipcover yourself than trying to locate such things in furniture stores.

However, we also are aware that not many people are that skilled in the tailoring department, but if so, then it is even more of a reason for you to do that.

If you learn how to sew such things you will be able to then tailor all the different things yourself – for example, you will be able to tailor the slipcovers for all kinds of chairs, covers for your counter height dining sets, and a lot of other things. You can become the resident expert on how to furnish a purple and black room too.

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