Timeless Halloween Costumes

Every year there are new and different costumes coming out for us to choose from for that one ghoulish night.  With the Twilight saga and Trueblood, vampires are the “in” costume this year.  But there are always costumes that will never go out of style.

classic superman halloween costume

There are some Halloween costumes that never seem to go out of style.

This year make your costume a throwback from the roaring 20s or your grandparents favorite cartoon character.

Just because these costumes are traditional does not mean you cannot make them original.  You can put your own spin on many classics to make them your own.  You can even find halloween costumes for newborns.

What To Wear

Here are ten classic costumes that are always a hit.

John F. Kennedy, Jr.: The classic presidential costume is always a hit. There is always the option of going with the current big man in the office but you can never go wrong bringing out one of our greatest presidents to ever live.  Pair it with Jackie Kennedy to make a matching pair.

Mickey Mouse: Since 1928 this fun loving mouse has been bringing smiles to people’s faces.  Seeing a grown human being in a mouse suit with giant gloves on is always a hilarious conversation piece too.  Bring out your inner child with this one.

Sherlock Holmes: Since Robert Downey, Jr. recently brought this idea back to the forefront of our minds many people have been replaying this outfit.  But there are many ways to pull this costume off which is the best part about it.

Clown: This costume is many times repeated but is never completely captured.  You are always able to make this costume whatever you want and you can make it different every time.

Superman: Even though you aren’t, the foam muscles make you look like you are, right?

Roaring 20s: Who doesn’t look good in a suit or a fancy dress?  This is a costume for those fancier parties where a clown suit will make you the clown of the party.  Just like John and Jackie Kennedy, this costume works well for a couple too.

Gumby:  Who can ever be mad at Gumby?  Sure he just puked into the bowl of punch that took you two hours to make but how can you be mad with that never ending smile?  Going as Gumby will make everything you do okay.

M&M/Hershey’s Kiss: Candy costumes are a never fail scenario.  They suggest that you showed up to have a good time and are willing to go that extra mile to make sure that happens.  Everyone loves a Hershey’s Kiss.

Scooby Doo: Drive in the Mystery Machine, show up with your compadres Daffney, Vilma, Shaggy, and Fred.  You can solve crimes all night long as on Halloween there are plenty of Scooby snacks to go around.

Prisoner: Maybe you really did just get out of jail and decided to show up to a Halloween celebration.  Or maybe you didn’t.  Choose your color, orange or zebra stripes.  Either one will draw the wardens attention so be sure to be watching your back all night.

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012 is quickly approaching and the big question is, what will I wear this year?  Save trying to go out on a limb and do a costume no one has EVER done before.  Go the traditional route and put your own twist on a classic this year.

By Brian Connor

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