Top Styles That Determine The Cost Of Hair Extensions

You might have wondered how celebrities change their hair styles with ease just like they do with their clothes. In fact, you might have seen a movie star in a certain hair style today, and a different one, come the next day.

where to buy hair extensions

The variety of different kinds of hair extensions available can be confusing.

The trick behind this relies entirely on high quality hair extensions, as well as the perfect services of an experienced and skilled hair stylist.

There are different styles in place that can make you have a different look altogether, may they be fuller, long hair extensions or highlights among many others styles. A stylist will ensure that the hair strands blend well with your own natural look by picking quality hair, great colors and attaching them well to give you a stunning and sexy look.

When applied properly, the hair extensions can last for several months before you might think of removing them.

Real Hair or Synthetic?

There are both human and synthetic hair extensions that you can choose from, although you are advised to go for quality.

Sometimes, lower quality human hair extensions are likely to matte, get brittle and dry quickly, while the quality human hair extensions are more expensive but are the best if you want to maintain a shiny and healthy luster.

Cheaper Clip On Extensions

On the other hand, very cheap synthetic extensions might be limiting especially when it comes to drying or curling them. You might think of buying a clip-on extension which is made of synthetic hair to give you a stunning and pleasing look.

Different Kinds of Hair Extensions

You might be asking yourself what hair extensions cost and the truth is, they vary depending on the type of extension you choose and the application method that is used to attach them: The following types go for different prices and it is wise to have a look at them:

1.    Cold fusion bonding

Perhaps, this is the newest attachment method and uses the keratin-based polymer when it comes to securing the extension to someone’s hair. It is also one of the most expensive hair attachment methods as the prices range from $1500 to $ 3500 or even more, and it is known to last for more than six months.

2.    Hot fusion bonding

This is a widely known attachment method and the best where cost and time are of concern. Hot glue is used to attach the pieces to your hair and the price is between $300 and $500 or more depending on the style in question.

3.    Weave

This involves braiding of the hair strands into the natural hair of a person. You might choose to have your entire head covered to give a dramatic and perfect effect.

Whatever you decide, it is important to keep your hair extensions clean just like you would with your real hair.  Click here to learn more about washing your extensions.

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