Top Product Choices For Your Kitchen Bench Tops

Choice of the product is extremely essential when it comes to giving a whole new look to your home interiors. When you are renovating something as essential as the bench tops in your home, the choice of product becomes relevant to the intended usage of the area.

It is not just decorative; it has to be functional as well.

Here are some exceptional product choices for you to take your pick from.



The material was frequently used in science laboratories to create bench tops that were extremely heat resistant. The material has now been developed to be included in to normal kitchen bench top designs. They are extremely durable but they need to be re-sized properly to suit your current specifications.

Essa Stone

This material has the natural tendency to look just as natural stones, only with a more uniform appearance. The material affords just as much qualities to your bench tops as real stone would. They are heat resistant and scratch resistant.

Stainless Steel

Man-made bench top materials have an edge over natural materials in the area that they do not corrode easily. These materials can sustain a lot longer than usual materials. You can use stainless steel bench tops as a splash back as well.


Granite is a popular natural material for bench tops. Every granite slab has a different texture, so it is wise to check out your slab and the patterns before your installation order. Working with a sample in this case, is almost as good as working with never having seen the bench top itself.

Make sure that during the installation your contractors size the slabs perfectly, to avoid gaps on the bench tops. Also, make sure to add a coat of sealant to prevent any stains or scratches during heavy use.


These bench tops are a hot favorite for people who want an economical bench top option, which is still as hard-wearing as the other options. This is a man made material, it can be sized according to the surface, as it can be directly poured and molded on to the surface. Mixing in stone chips is a great way to create interesting looks and patterns on to these bench top creations.

With these and many more choices available for you, it must be a hard decision choosing the perfect bench top material. However, make sure that your choice matches your budget, the decor for your room as well as the intended use you have for your bench tops.

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