Choosing the Right Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors


glass kitchen cabinet doors

Glass kitchen cabinet doors provide you with display space. It's also a way to break up a bank of heavy wood cabinetry.

Glass kitchen cabinet doors provide you with display space.  It’s also a way to break up a bank of heavy wood cabinetry. In this case, each glass panel is really going to give you a totally different look.

If you want a modern kind of vibe that suits darker wood cabinets or plain drawer fronts you should just go with more of a ripple glass.  Frosted glass is another option.  This is going to be one of the more expensive pieces that you can buy. 

A few years ago, glass etching was very popular and you’d see a lot of floral patterns on it, but now this is extremely dated. Instead texture built right into the glass is really popular.

You can also get more of an antique look just by following a few of these basic design principles.

For instance, antique glass panels would really look very hand blown.  It would have a lot of bubbles and ripples in it.  It wouldn’t be as geometric as the more modern ripple glass look with which will look very engineered.

Other styles of stained glass are going to feel very traditional depending on your kitchen cabinet colors or kitchen cabinet paint. In this case, you might want to skip the color.   Instead you want to also go with the simpler pattern.  This can really just mimic a very basic leading line with a lot of squares or diamonds.

This is also something that you might feel to create yourself with simple stained glass paint colors or you’ll probably want to make sure that it’s truly removable because you don’t want to harm the cabinets if your craft project goes wrong. This can be an inexpensive update and it just requires that you be able to paint a straight line.

Another option is going to use more of a window pane effect. This can be very country or it can also be very traditional. The country style tends to have a few rounded edges around each window pane and works with the traditional style as much more basic option.  It’s really not trying to replicate an actual window pane as much is a grid pattern.

The kitchen cabinet doors heavy glass type is a popular but more expensive option.  By taking some time on your research you are sure to find just the right glass kitchen cabinet doors for you.

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