Traveling On A Gap Year: A Students Benefit

A person spends thirteen years in a row going to school.

So when he or she is graduated from high school, often times, the last thing he or she wants to do is enrol for four more years of school. Sure, it is said that taking time off school ruins momentum and leads to students not returning to finish their education. That is questionable.

The average worker in America today is not employed at a single job for more than seven years. Students have earned some time away from school, some time to focus on other interests, to take a gap year between high school and college. It is a healthy option if pursued rightly.

If a student wants to take a gap year between high school and college, he or she should consider how to use the time fruitfully. Continuing with the analogy of a person in the work force, while that person might not be employed at his or her job for more than seven years, he or she does not simply quit the job to do nothing. The move is usually from one job to another, or in rare cases, the move allows that person to spend some time in personal betterment. A high school graduate can do the same thing.

One of the best ways to spend a gap year is to travel.

For a graduate that has the means, travelling creates new experiences for the explorer. It tends to mature a person and open up new ideas for future interests. Many people who haveĀ traveledĀ a year between high school and college have discovered their life’s passion and entered college with a goal and the motivation to earn high marks at the post-secondary level. However, some people believe they cannot finance a year of travel.

The truth about travel is shocking.

Creative, inventive people are able to travel extensively on a mere five dollars a day. At that rate of living expenses, a person needs an annual income of $1825 yearly. Of course, living this inexpensively requires the generosity of a community, a good deal of planning and a lot of creativity.

The purpose of this discussion is not to provide plans for anyone on how to live for five dollars a day, but rather to illuminate the idea that travel is accessible to anyone who wants it. Imagine a year of adventurous travel before buckling down again and beginning college studies. People who take the gap year and return to college are more centered, driven and eager to be in school because of the experiences they had during focused time away.

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