College backpacks: Making the right choice

Life at college is completely different from that at high school. If you think that the backpacks you carried at school were heavy, you are surely in for a surprise when you enter college.

Can’t I Use The Same Backpack I Had In High School?

Unlike high school, the load of books is twice as much in college. In addition to this, you will surely be carrying extra stuff like iPods, perhaps a laptop bag, snacks, etc., along with your usual textbooks while you are at college.

So if you are thinking of using the same back pack in college that you had being lugging around during high school, you are making a wrong decision.

Since the number of book that you will have to carry everyday is far greater than before, you should look for a more spacious bag pack. Extra pockets for carrying cell phones, laptops etc are also an important thing to look at while searching for college backpacks.

Additionally, since the back pack is expected to weigh a lot, you should look for one with padded comfortable shoulder straps, so that your arms do not strain under the load. Instead, you can also buy college backpacks with wheels. They not only look stylish but are also easy to move around with especially if your college campus is a large one.

You can also look for one that is designed specifically as a bag to carry your laptop along with your other necessary items.

How Much Does A College Backpack Cost?

The prices for college back packs vary, depending on what you are looking for.  By the time you are in college, the days for flashy sport teams or cartoon bags are probably over.

Your priority should be a durable bag with extra compartments depending on your need. Do not go for designers if you are tight on budget, but at the same time do not buy a cheap bag just because it costs less. A number of durable, eco friendly bags are available at online shops, which also helps you to maintain your own style.

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