Treating acne on your back and chest

acne on back and chest

There are several remedies and treatments you can use to help fight acne on your back and chest.

If you are suffering from acne on your back and chest you may not realize what is causing it.  In order to treat it, first try to avoid the things that cause it, then work on actually treating the breakouts.

Break outs on your back can be caused by the normal acne causing culprits like excess oil and dirt on your skin, or other factors you may not have considered. Make sure while showering that you are washing your back and chest after you wash and condition your hair.

Hair products can clog pores if it is left on your skin.  Also, it makes sense to wash your face after a sweaty work out, but also make sure you wash your chest and back.  Changing out of sweaty shirts or sports bras as quickly as possible helps as well. Otherwise you are leaving bacteria and dirt on your skin that will cause you to break out more. If you have longer hair, make sure put it up an night so dirt and products from you hair do not rub off on your skin.

To help clear up your acne on back and chest and get rid of blackheads try using an acne fighting body wash. They are available at most drug stores. Also, a little bit of sun exposure can sometimes help, as well as the chlorine used in pools.

It really depends on the severity of your acne.  If you only have a few pimples on your chin then an exfoliating scrubber will help get the bacteria off your skin. Most importantly do not pick at your skin! This only opens your skin up to allow more bacteria in and will cause worst break outs. Most acne fighting face washes will also work for the skin of your chest and back, so try a few different products until you find one that works for you.

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