Unforgiving Alcohol

Alcohol is a very jealous and cruel mistress. If you have become addicted to drinking alcohol, you will continue to crave the product until you undergo alcohol detoxification or the process of cleansing the alcohol from the body.

The fact of the matter is that there is very little chance for a person who has been hooked into the first stage of alcoholism to quit on his own. It has been shown time and time again that most first stage alcoholics will eventually move on to the second stage of alcoholism and the third and final stage within a span of ten years unless he receives some professional medical help through a rehabilitation center or with the aid of a competent physician.

It can be said that alcohol is a very unforgiving substance. In fact, did you know that alcohol is actually quite poisonous to the human body?

If we did not have the aid of our liver and kidneys in filtering the poisons of alcohol both before and when it exists the body, we would probably experience acute alcohol intoxication even from just a single glass of beer.

In any case, once alcohol has set its hooks on you, it is not likely going to let go anytime soon. Even after you have decided to quit your alcohol drinking habits, alcohol can still haunt you through the different withdrawal symptoms of alcohol that at least 90% of all alcoholics must face.

The stages of alcohol withdrawal generally occur in two phases. The alcohol withdrawal symptoms intensify and then gradually begin to diminish during the second stage of alcohol withdrawal syndrome. However, there are some very rare cases where the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol can last for up to three or even four stages. In these cases, hospital confinement and strong drug treatment may be required.

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