Vessel Sink Faucets For Your Modern Home

Vessel sink faucets are designed to complete the look of a vessel sink. Vessel sinks are great for either vintage or modern looking bathrooms and their addition will allow you to make a unique fashion statement in your bath space.

However, regular sink faucets do not work with their form and style. Vessel sinks need faucets that are raised and can be installed separate from the sink itself. Because of this need vessel sink faucets came into being.

The vessel faucet designs come with knobs, dials, hooks, and bars. Other than stainless steel as a material, satin nickel, bronze, and even bamboo are also great choices. They are more affordable and they have pretty much the same quality and durability.

The satin nickel vessel faucets are the most common type seen in the market today. It complements any vessel sink because of its neutral color. The faucet’s sheen and satin finish exude a stylish contemporary design.

If you need versatility, you may opt for the bronze finished faucet. It can work well in antique-designed or contemporary-themed bathrooms. Aside from satin nickel and bronze, there are a lot of finishes available for you to choose from including oil rubbed bronze, Venetian bronze, and standard bronze.

However, if you want something creative and unique, a bamboo vessel faucet will be a great choice for you. This is ideal if you are aspiring for an Asian look or you are into Zen-like theme. The undertones can be brown, yellow, and green.

Vessel faucets are taller and have longer spout. Their dimensions can fit with many vessel sink designs available in the market today. They can be mounted on the deck or on the wall in many cases such as with a wall mount utility sink.

If you go for the deck-mounted design, most probably no change in the plumbing system is required because the vessel sink and faucet can be connected directly from it. However, for the wall hung faucets, you’ll probably have to ask the sale’s agent from your local hardware store or ask your plumber for the possible changes.

You may also check the installation procedure of the vessel faucet so you will have an idea if you need to create new plumbing connections to accommodate them.

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