What to Know about UVU Housing

Utah Valley University provides a great, non-traditional experience for students looking for something a little different in their education.

Open-enrollment status allows students from all walks of life to attend and get a meaningful experience, and the engaged learning platform that the school takes means great classes and internships.

utah valley university mapOrem is also a beautiful area to work, play, and study in, but because UVU housing works a bit differently than most schools, there might be some difficulty finding a place to live.

How It Works

One of the great reasons that UVU is so different is the diversity of the people attending school. Most students are non-traditional, which means they have spouses, families, and even full-time jobs on top of classes.

Instead of living in the area, these students commute to UVU from the surrounding suburban area. Because of this, UVU does not provide traditional dormitories for their students. Instead, they have sponsored apartment complexes owned by other companies that are affiliated with the school.

These apartments function in a similar way as a housing department at a traditional university would. Unless specifically requested beforehand, you don’t get to pick your roommates, and you have to share with other students assigned to you by the complex.

While this can sometimes cause some problems, for the most part it’s really fun to meet new people. Depending on the complex, you can sometimes have two to eight people in one apartment. If there are more than four people in an apartment, the complex is usually pretty good about providing more than one refrigerator and bathroom.

The Perks

Student apartments tend to have better facilities than dormitories as well. Unless your rent is as much as your tuition, most dorms don’t usually include gyms and workout equipment, pools, hot tubs, and underground parking.

Those things tend to come standard at a lot of apartments surrounding UVU. Plus, these are full apartments; most dorm rooms are limited to a shared bedroom with a communal kitchen and bathroom. That’s just gross.

Dorms also require meal plans, whereas apartments allow you to cook what you want, meaning you’re going to save on food costs as well. Probably one of the best features of student apartment complexes is that most come furnished. All you have to bring with you are your clothes, computer, kitchenware, and toothbrush.

Desks, beds, and living room sets are already in place, so you get your own apartment without having to pay the furnishing costs.

Other Options

Provo, Utah, which is home to Brigham Young University, closely borders Orem, which means you have twice the housing options that you would in one city.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for UVU students to live in BYU housing. A second college town adds diversity to your social group and your roommate options. A lot of Utah houses also have separate basement apartments, which a lot of homeowners tend to rent out to individuals or small groups.

Basement apartments are great because they give you your own space with a smaller number of roommates, but they have a homier ambience. No matter what kind of options you’re looking at, UVU housing provides something a little bit different from your normal college experience that’s definitely worth experiencing.

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