“Smart Appliances” – Only Getting Better

Smart appliances make life easier at home. They can be lots of fun too. Top manufacturers are heeding consumers’ calls for intelligent appliances for the kitchen, laundry room and throughout the house.

Here are 3 smart appliances that are leading the way in their categories.

samsung smart refrigerator with appsSamsung Refrigerator

Samsung French Door 28 cu. ft. 4-Door Refrigerator and 8″ LCD Digital Display with Apps

With apps. That’s a nice phrase. What it means is that it this fridge has integrated WiFi.

You can download recipes, pictures, Google Calendar and more.

Samsung has a partnership with Epicurious.com to access and download recipes to the large LCD digital display. Transfer the recipe to an SD card and print it, or work with it right off the 8″ color display.

Many busy families have a calendar on the refrigerator. Download the interactive Google Calendar, and it’s never been easier to keep track of divergent schedules.

Are you running out of room on refrigerator doors for family pictures? Load them to Picasa or put them on an storage card, and display and rotate them on the LCD screen.

It’s A Fridge Too!

Did we mention this cool gadget comes with its own refrigeration system?  This large-capacity Samsung refrigerator does a great job with food storage, but that’s not what makes it must-have!

LG smart washer and dryer combo imageLG Washer and Dryer

LG Smart ThinQ Large Capacity Clothes Washer and Dryer

The models are:

LG Smart ThinQ 4.7 cu. ft. Ultra Large Capacity High Efficiency Top Load SmartWasher

LG 7.3 Cu. Ft. Ultra Large Capacity Gas SteamDryer with Smart ThinQ Technology

Thin-Q is pronounced “think,” of course.

These are thinking machines, or so you would surmise after using them. They offer outstanding performance in the laundry room while taking the doldrums out of washing and drying.

WiFi Enabled

Let’s begin with the way they do laundry. These WiFi-enabled machines communicate. When you set the cycle for the wash load cottons, delicates, permanent press, etc.—the clothes washer relays the information to the dryer. When you transfer clothes to the dryer, you push the start button and it dries the load accordingly.

Both units are feature-rich with cycles, speeds, temperatures and all of the options you’d want for a diverse selection of laundry loads. The LG Smart ThinQ dryer packs a steamer that can be used to remove wrinkles from clothing or sanitize non-washable items like pillows and soft children’s toys.

Program Them With Your Smart Phone!

These units put their capabilities to good use. You can program and start the washer and dryer remotely using your smart phone and the app.

The machines will text you end of cycle alerts, so if you’re down the street at the coffee shop or across the street catching up with a neighbor, you’ll know when the load is completed. If either unit is acting up, LG can diagnose the issue remotely, speeding up service and repair times.

Now, how do these units make laundry time more interesting? Both are equipped with LG Cinema 3D HD TV technology that can be used to view a variety of media. Listen to music while sorting laundry, or watch movies and more while folding clothes. Apps can be downloaded at Samsung.com.

Do the gadgets on these appliances keep food fresher or make laundry cleaner? Actually, they perform better than most. We love them because they also add functionality to these units that is handy, fun and convenient. For all the information you could ever want about appliances please click here.

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