What To Say When You’re Not Sure How To Say It

Or for that matter, what to say when you’re not sure how to say it and how to communicate it effectively!

Not everyone was born a public speaker, after all. If called upon to make some type of presentation, could you confidently step up to the podium and deliver your message?

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Or will someone need to revive you with smelling salts before picking you up off the floor?

It may be necessary for some individuals to introduce themselves to public speaking with a crash course or verbal communication workshop.

Just the facts, ma’am

Introducing yourself to the basics of public speaking may or may not be sufficient in order for you to stride confidently up to the stage in front of associates, fellow students and your peers. Fortunately, there are follow up classes that are available with which to accomplish just that.

Believe In Yourself

Self confidence is a huge factor when it comes to the successful delivery of a speech. It is essential that you believe in yourself in order to get others to believe in you. Remembering that you speak with more than just your voice is as important as what you say aloud.

Remember To Smile

What do you say without even uttering a word?  Smile!

Nobody wants to listen to a grumpy-puss. Even if your topic is a solemn one, a reassuring smile for your audience can help put them (and in turn, you) a bit more at ease. Whereas what you say verbally matters the most, what you say with your body language can speak volumes. Sometimes in fact, louder than your actual voice!

Body Language

Why do you suppose it is that so many advertising campaigns utilize good looking models (even if they have virtually nothing to do with the product what-so-ever)?

It gives the audience something pleasant to look at. You know what they say, ‘presentation is everything’.  From culinary delicacies all the way to new cars, if you present it in a pleasing manner, you stand a better chance of people standing up and taking notice.

A few weeks of instruction may help to assure years in a successful career

Spending money on instruction is just a little bit easier knowing that you stand the chance of making your investment back tenfold. The same can be said for public speaking course costs.

With any luck in fact, you may be able to persuade your employer to flip for the tuition. Take that education and present it to the powers that be with a highly influential presentation on why upper management should send and pay for all of their employees to take courses in speech writing and delivery.

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