When To Build A Shed

rubbermaid storage sheds

Sometimes it is better to buy a pre built storage shed rather than build one yourself.

When is the best time to build a shed? When your garage or basement is overflowing with junk? In the middle of summer when the sun is at its zenith and the humidity levels are soaring?

Or maybe in the middle of winter when you are sitting and staring at all of the stuff that has accumulated in every room and closet in your house? Of course those are not the best times to build a shed, but when is?

The most perfect time to build a shed is just before you move into a new house, assuming that you will have plenty of time to organize your things as you put them away.

If you have all your storage options in place as you start to unpack boxes, you can make conscious decisions about where to store things rather than just moving the things that are in your way out to the shed.

You can determine what you will use the shed for, whether it be for storage of seasonal items, yard tools, or kids’ toys. Maybe your shed will be a work room or wood shop or a gardening center where you will need a large work area. Once you know what you will use your new shed for, you can fill and organize it appropriately.

Obviously you will rarely encounter that perfect situation in which to build a shed so you have to do the best you can with the time you have. It is preferable to assemble it, whether it is a wood or metal shed, in temperate weather so you don’t have the added frustration of being too cold or too hot while doing so.

You are also much more likely to properly clean out your basement or garage when it is beautiful outside, which will allow you to make the best use of your new storage space. After all, there is no point investing in a shed if you are just going to move junk you don’t need from one spot to another. Make sure you install some pegboard to hang your tools up too.

If you must build a shed in less than perfect weather conditions, there are some ways to make it more manageable. Find and read the instructions completely before heading outside. This way you will have a head start on the construction and will have to spend less time in the rain trying to decipher the directions.

If the shed is not too large, consider constructing at least part of it in the garage or under an awning to protect you from the sun. Make sure you install some pegboard to hang your tools up too.

This guest post was written by Chloe from Get Set Organize, where you can find out more about the Rubbermaid large vertical storage shed, a great option for an all in one kit.

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