Why Your husband Wants A Pink Santa Hat This Christmas

pink santa hat

You know he just won't say it, but he really wants a pink Santa hat doesn't he?

You know that your man is confident in his manhood, but is a pink Santa hat going just too far? No. A pink Santa hat is the perfect gift for your husband this Christmas. He will enjoy wearing it all season long, or at least on Christmas morning to humor you. Here is why he will love it.

Everyone else gets a red Santa hat. He may already have one such red hat. Giving him one of those pink Santa hats sets him apart. It makes him a special guy. Sure, you could have gotten him a blue Santa hat, or even a masculine green one, but when you saw that pink one it made you think of him, and you want him to have it.

Why do girls get all the pink, anyway? Many men love pink, and pink looks dashing on men. In the same way that pink pulls out the blush on a woman’s cheek, it livens up the face of a man as well. The best way to get this look is to have the pink right against the face, like in a pink hat. Pink character shoes just won’t have the same effect.

When your man puts on his pink Santa hat, it will show how confident he is in himself. A man that is not confident will not wear that pink Santa hat for more than five minutes.

But your husband, who is more than confident in his manhood will wear that Santa hat all morning just because he loves you. Or, he’ll forget he’s wearing it and wear it all day until someone points it out and he takes it off. Either way, it will be an enjoyed gift. Best of all, they are inexpensive, so even if it is just a gag gift, it won’t break your budget at all.

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